Monday 31 January 2018 14:16

Day 7: The end

Unfortunately everything comes to an end, even for this (for the first time organized) week trip to the West of the USA to see Red Flag 17-1 in...

Day 6: Spotting @ Northern Island

After our domestic flight yesterday evening from Las Vegas to San Diego, we checked in at our hotel for a weel deserved night rest. After...

Tour Reports

Day 11: Spotting @ Yuma

The next base for spotting on our list was MCAS Yuma, which is the home to multiple squadrons of AV-8B Harrier II's of the...

Day 7: Visit @ Planes of Fame

Friday afternoon we left Las Vegas in shorts and short sleeves with a temperature of just over 20 °, arriving in Ridgecrest with a temperature...

Day 10: Spotting @ Luke AFB

At day 10 of the USA Westcoast tour, it was time to go spotting outside Luke AFB. Luke AFB is a major training base of...

Day 10: Spotting @ NAF El Centro

Naval Air Facility El Centro or NAF El Centro is a military airport located six miles (10 km) northwest of El Centro, in Imperial...

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