Tuesday 31 January 2018 21:51

Day 7: The end

Unfortunately everything comes to an end, even for this (for the first time organized) week trip to the West of the USA to see Red Flag 17-1 in...

Day 6: Spotting @ Northern Island

After our domestic flight yesterday evening from Las Vegas to San Diego, we checked in at our hotel for a weel deserved night rest. After...

Tour Reports

Day 7: Transport Endeavour @ LA

On route to Los Angeles to see the transport of the Space Shuttle Endeauvour, we visited 2 more museums, the Planes of Fame Museum...

Day 5: Visit @ Castle Air Museum

Since the Aerospace Museum of California , which is right next to the active base of the US Coast Guard located on the old...

Day 1: Fleetweek @ San Francisco

After a short night, we used public transport, bus & metro, to make our way to the port of San Francisco to see the...

Day 12: Spotting @ San Diego

After a good night sleep, we first went to a small museum at Gillespie Field, since our next "museum" wasn't open yet. " ngg_triggers_display="never" ngg_proofing_display="0" order_by="sortorder"...

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