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We kindly ask you to follow the local laws and respect the fact that some of the mentioned spotterplaces are on private property.
So therefor,  don’t damage anything, please don’t leave any waste behind and respect the requirements of the owner(s), so that we still may or can use these places in the future.

Obey also the traffic regulations and park your car on a safe place so that you will not interfere with other traffic.

A complete list of airports in The Netherlands can be found here

The content on this page is for information only, thus the International Aviation Press can not be held responsable if the published information doesn’t meet the current circumstances.
Neither can International Aviation Press be held responsable if someone don’t respect the law in any circumstances.

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Do you have any update for us?

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Since all spotters like to stay up to date, it would be most pleasant if you will or can share new or missing information with us. As soon as we receive the new info, we will adjust it as soon as possible. Thank you very much for the update. The International Aviation Press Team!!!

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