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Latest tripnews(Updated 10 February)

11 December: Coachtrip -> 3-Daytrip RIAT 2017 @ Fairford -> BOOK NOW
20 December: Anatolian Eagle -> Due to circumstances in Turkey, Anatolian Eagle is cancelled for 2017. Normally back in 2018.
21 December: Flytrip -> 4-daytrip MAKS @ Moscow -> BOOK NOW
22 December: Tigermeet Landiviseau -> 2 spotterdays -> Thursday 8 June & Wednesday 14 June -> More info soon!!!
7 January: Flytrip -> WestCoast Tour USA 2018 -> PRE-BOOK YOUR PLACES NOW!!!
28 January: Flytrip -> Start Trip Red Flag 17-1
5 February: Flytrip -> Successfull ending of trip Red Flag 17-1
10 February: Flytrip -> MAKS -> Dates are officialy changed from 16 -> 21 August to 18 -> 23 July

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