WestCoast Tour @ USA | Feb/Mar 2018


Vanaf januari 2017 zal de Nederlandse versie van stilaan ophouden te bestaan en zullen vanaf nu de pagina’s enkel nog opgesteld worden in het Engels, waarvoor onze excuses.
We mogen elk jaar meer en meer buitenlandse deelnemers verwelkomen op onze trips, zodoende dat het teveel werk word om alles in twee talen te blijven publiceren en up-to-date te houden.
Mochten er toch nog vragen zijn tijdens het boeken, kan je ons altijd contacteren in de Nederlandse taal.
Alvast bedankt voor jullie begrip hiervoor en nogmaals onze excuses voor dit ongemak.

2017 has only just begun, and here we are already with a tour for 2018;).
After a period of 3 years will return to the USA for a two-week WestCoast round trip.

The trip will go on late February / early March.
During these period there will be normally a Red Flag going on at Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, which will be one of the highlights of this trip for many people.

This trip will also be offered in different packages, because we know that not everyone has the same holidays and or money to spend on this two-week trip.
You will be able to choose between the 1st week, 2nd week or the full 2 weeks.

Doesn’t this shedule still not fit your needs?  No problem, you can choose for our new service “Plan your own trip“.
Let us know what you have in mind and we see what the possibilities are, of course, within the possible limits.

Currently there are no prices yet, but you can already sign in, without any obligation of course, if you are interested in this trip and want to be informed about the progress.

Below you find a very rough and preliminary schedule for the trip.

Basevisit NAS Fallon & Red Flag 15-2 Nellis AFB 2015 (click picture for bigger version)

POSSIBLE SHEDULE:  *updated 10 February 2017

  • Saturday:* -> (Direct) Flight from ????? (or airport of your choice) -> Los Angeles Airport (LAX).
  • Sunday:* -> Optional heliflight package. In the late afternoon domestic flight to Reno
  • Monday: -> Basevisit NAS Fallon
  • Tuesday: -> Spotting @ Father Crowley Point aka Rainbow Canyon aka Star Wars Canyon aka The Jedi Transition.
  • Wednesday: -> Spotting @ Father Crowley Point aka Rainbow Canyon aka Star Wars Canyon aka The Jedi Transition.
  • Thursday: -> Spotting @ Nellis AFB for Red Flag 18-2.
  • Friday: -> Spotting @ Nellis AFB for Red Flag 18-2.
  • Saturday: -> Optional heliflight above Grand Canyon -> then off to Phoenix.
  • Sunday: -> Quick look @ Mesa Gateway Airport Phoenix -> then off to Tucson for Pima Air & Space Museum + bustour AMARG.
  • Monday: -> Optional flight above Boneyard & spotting around Davis Monthan -> then back to Phoenix.
  • Tuesday: -> Spotting @ Luke AFB.
  • Wednesday: -> Spotting @ MCAS Yuma & El Centro -> then off to San Diego.
  • Thursday: -> Spotting @ Northern Island & visit USS Midway.
  • Friday: -> Optional heliflight above Los Angeles Airport (LAX) -> (Direct) Flight back to ?????
  • Saturday: -> Arriving back home 🙁

Flight above Boneyard & spotting @ Davis-Monthan 2015 (click picture for bigger version)


Package 1 = Week 1 = From Sunday till Saturday
Package 2 = Week 2 = From Saturday till Saturday 
Package 3 = Week 1 & Week 2

Price for this trip is €???? / $???? / £????.

Included in this price is:

  • (Direct) Flight from ????? -> Los Angeles Airport (LAX).
  • (Direct) Flight from ????? -> Las Vegas Airport (LAS).
  • (Direct) Flight from Las Vegas Airport (LAS) to ?????.
  • 6  hotelnights.
  • 7 hotelnights.
  • Transport in USA (all-included)

This trip can also be booked without a plane ticket and will be responsible for your own transportation to Los Angeles Airport (LAX) or LAs Vegas Airport (LAS)
Without plane ticket costs €???? / $???? / £???? trip based on a 2p room.
Extra fee for a 1p room is €??? / $??? / £???.

Not included in this price:

  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Personal expenses
  • ESTA USA ($14)
  • Optional heliflight above LAX, tour above LA or heli intro flight on arrival and or departure day. Starting from $150.  More info @ Star Helicopters
  • Optional heliflight above Grand Canyon on Saturday. (Starting from $259. More info @
  • Optional flight above Boneyard on Monday ($100).
  • Optional bustour on Sunday or Monday at AMARG. ($7). More info @
  • Possible brunch near LAX on Friday.

Spotting @ Luke AFB, Northern Island, MCAS Yuma & NAS El Centro 2015  (click picture for bigger version)


Don’t have the budget or enough holidays for the whole trip?  No problem!!!
Let us know what your possibilities are and we give you the best price for your “own” trip!!!
Must be off course within the limits of the trip.
Please go to contact and us send your details.

Still interested in this trip?
Choose your options below and pre-book now without any commitment!

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