Tuesday 31 January 2018 21:50

Who, what, why???

Founded in 2017, International Aviation Press wants to offer different aspects of aviation related articles ranging from airshow and photo reports. Furthermore you will find reports from the golden ages of aviation and a monthly specific aircraft in the picture We also offer:
  • Free information about upcoming airshows and spotterdays.
  • Free accessible database with pictures.
  • Free spotterguides with all needed info to get there.

Can you be a part of this team?

Of course!!! This is one of the few websites that get built with the voluntary submission of photos and reports of aviation events by different people around the world with no deadline or any obligations Not everyone has the time or the knowledge to build a website and maintain it in order to promote his favorite hobbies and pictures. Therefore, we give everyone the chance to send us articles and photos (with your own personal logo), which will then be published asap on the International Aviation Press website.

What kind of things can be sent?

Basically anything that has to do with our aviation hobby, both military and civilian.
  • Reports about a particular exercise (Red Flag, Anatolian Eagle, …)
  • Spotter Reports (The Loop, GLV5 …)
  • Report of a certain spottersday or airshow (RIAT …)
  • Visit to an aviation-related convention (Le Bourget, MAKS …)
  • Presentation of a new aircraft
  • Report on a particular air (possibly in several chapters)
  • ……….
We only accept pictures taken from first hand, ie you may only publish your own pictures to the reports and as told earlier, you may use your own logo on your pictures. If desired, a free personal International Aviation Press logo can be made for you, but that is entirely your own choice.

Can you promote an aviation event on this website?

We want to offer this possibility in the near future. This website can be divided so that there can be placed banner ads on certain strategic points. Unfortunately, this service will not be offered for free and prices will be announced soon.

The crew

  • Michael S.
      Designer website:
    • Michael S.
    • Frank v.H.
      Designer banners & logos:
        • Tjorn D.
      Editor Database:
            • Michael S.
            • Frank v.H.
      The rest of our international crew:
                  • Kenny P. (Belgium)
                  • Fré V. (Belgium)
                  • Alistair Z. (Malta)
                  • Richard O. (Netherlands)
                  • David J. M. (United Kingdom)
                  • Chris A. (United Kingdom)
                  • Steven H. (United Kingdom)